About Me


Hi, i am Habiba

well, i am 25 years old and its 11:41 am 25th April,2017. Here i am writing about myself for my first ever blog.

i am a freelancer. I am a film editor and a sportswoman. I am into air rifle shooting currently focused on my training, editing films has become my source to my air rifle expenses. i fund myself by editing to achieve and become an honoured sportswoman. I am learning to swim too. besides that i am learning classical Arabic language so that i can study the Quran and memorise the holy Quran. I love travelling and photography, i would love to travel the world.

How did i get to where i am now?

I will keep it very brief so that you dont run away! Hehe!

My schooling was from a boarding school. I was good in Athletics and had won few medals though i never trained like other athletes in my school. Thats when i first realised i could be a good sportswoman and that dream ended there.

My Parent never allowed me to join swimming for the fear of me getting drowned. “You know my swimming teacher calls me a sprinter! and i did not drown”. In College there were no sports facility for females, it was saddening.

Got my Bachelors degree from the Mumbai university, while i was busy with college i went with my elder brother for a documentary movie shooting, and i developed a interest in movies. I took up film editing and joined Pixion post production house as an intern, i met Chandrshekhar Prajapati in Pixion the senior editor got to work with him as an assistant editor in my first feature film, after that i have been independently working as an editor. After meeting awkward people in film industry and since there was no vacancy for new editors, if there was it was very low paid, i decided to sit home and focus on my life and what i really wanted to be deep in my heart.

Then one day i saw Abhinav Bindra’s photo in a newspaper with a medal, all the memories of my school sports days came back. Thinking over it again and again, finally i started to search and look for sports that i could get into and i was 23 years old already. The wise decision was to get into air rifle since this is the only sport with no age limit. But i still had time to get into air rifle it wasn’t as if i was going to start training today itself. so i shifted my focus for a while towards other things i could do sitting at home.

I felt the need of connecting with God only he could help me find my purpose and no one else. I started praying regularly, felt my connection growing stronger with God (Hereon, ill refer to God with his name ALLAH). i wanted to recite the Quran and understand whats in there for me. Then i started reciting Quran and with time i became pious and as days passed by my connection with ALLAH became more stronger. I wanted to research on islam, Quran, Prophet Muhammad SAW and my purpose in this life, it has been few years i am still researching and trying to fulfill my purpose. ” you must be thinking, did she find her purpose?”. i can just say that i did find some of it and rest still remains in the form of my dreams and achievements. I will keep you updated here.

Why the blog?

My friend Amitabha Singh told me once that he would like me to write for him. he likes the way i express my thoughts in words. I post on Facebook sometimes. Maybe i should write, if i want to write then why not also earn from my writing and make this a second source of funding for my air rifle and fulfil my wish to become an Olympian. I am thinking after all that i experienced and experiencing, i wanted to write all this down explore the writer inside me. This could be a way to connect with people and help them out with my experiences.

Future Goals?

  • Teach people classical Arabic, Quran, Air rifle, Swimming.
  • To keep writing and sharing knowledge.
  • To relocate to a remote area close to mother nature, grow my own food.
  • Travel the world in search of knowledge.